Merlin History Project

Recollections and Reflections.

This page is intended to enable former members of Merlin's staff to share their recollections and reflections. Also welcome are recollections and reflections by the staff of agencies that funded, partnered or worked alongside Merlin. The main recollections and reflections box is limited to approx. 700 words so an additional box is provided for those requiring more space. In making your submission please be as specific as possible in relation to places and dates.  For those wanting to share images please visit the Project's  Flickr site to register. For those wanting to share documentation with the Project team please use the Contact form on the next page.

Please be assured that any information that you submit will be kept secure and treated in strict confidence by the Project team in accordance with this site's Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your contribution, it is much appreciated.

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